Accounting Plugin

for WooCommerce

Online or offline, every store needs a good financial management in order to be successful. 

Finpose provides store owners ability to record, then track their spendings and income over time.

All you can track using Finpose



Acquisition Spendings


You can easily get monthly tax reports (tax payable/tax receivable) over taxes page. For all sales that was completed, tax payable information is automatically retrieved from WooCommerce.


All payments received/made are recorded into choosen accounts, so you are able to track account balances for each month. You can also simulate transfers between accounts to reflect actual balance for each account. Default payment gateways for your online store can easily be added as accounts with a single click.

Time Reporting

Get a monthly summary of store financials covering all payments made/received. Based on differences, Profit & Loss (P/L) and Average Order Value (AOV) is presented to you automatically. You can easily compare and see changes for each month.

Product Reporting

How each product you list on your store is doing financially? Are they profitable? Product based reporting provides you financial insights for each product listed on your store. You can easily find valuable information such as number of items sold, order totals, profit&loss in addition to standard spendings data on a given timeframe.

To run your store financially more successful, Finpose provides all the tools needed.

Why you should track store financials​?

You might be spending your hard-earned money with no return. It’s time to analyze all spendings and continue with ones provide you value.​
Finpose provides key performance indicators (KPI) information of your store. You can easily observe changes and take better decisions.​
Compare your spendings on acquisition channels with best performing products and create a perfect match.​

Financial tracker for WooCommerce