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Fully Integrated

Your sales  is automatically retrieved from WooCommerce. Stock units automatically reduced when a sale is made. Your sales tax are automatically calculated. You don’t need to lift a finger for such actions.

All in One Solution

Inventory, Tax, Spendings, Reports and Orders. Finpose provides you all tools required for a succesful financial management of your store. It will be your financial assistant along your journey to become a more profitable business.

Dedicated Support

Every site hosted on different environments and there may be conflicts or issues. Finpose is backed with full support and any issues you may have is covered. We respond any inquiries within 24 hours and resolve.

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Find Your Way Through the Numbers

Finpose is the easiest to use accounting software for WooCommerce stores. We make it easy to view your financials and understand your business.

Reporting & Analysis

Profit report by months is always available, so you can monitor changes by time.

Powerful Dashboard

Valuable information about your store such as spendings per order, average time for order or profit per day. Only available on Finpose.

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Your Financial Assistant

Finpose provides all required tools to manage your store finances. Pass every money movement to Finpose and it will provide you store snapshot anytime you need.

Synchronized with WooCommerce stock numbers, keep track of your stock by adding unit costs. It uses FIFO (First in First out) model, so it also accurately tracks Cost of Goods Sold. No more out of stock issues by monitoring projected runout date for each item.

Add your costs, expenses and track all your spendings easily. You can add custom categories to build your own spending categorisation. Use timeframe filters and export spending data to CSV for further processing.

Taxes are automatically calculated with Finpose. In addition to tax payable from sales, tax receivable from spendings is also available in Tax report. You can also record tax paid and monitor tax balance for each month.

Add your financial accounts (bank accounts, cards, payment gateways) and track balances for each account. You can also simulate money transfers between accounts such as withdrawals.

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