Tax plugin for WooCommerce

Finpose Tax module enables WooCommerce store owners to access calculated tax data based on tax payable, tax receivable and tax paid.

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Ecommerce enterprises, like any other business, need to keep track of their tax data. For appropriate tax reporting, you should keep track of your tax payable, receivable, and balance while running a WooCommerce store.

It's also crucial to keep track of tax information in order to determine store net profits or net profit per product.

How to track Tax in WooCommerce?

You may enable tax data on the WooCommerce settings page and configure tax rules per location under the Tax tab using WooCommerce.

You can get a report of tax payment totals in the WooCommerce reporting section when you put up tax regulations.

Although this is useful for determining tax amounts from sales, a tax plugin is required for other tax components, such as tax receivables from spendings.

In the following chapter, we'll show you how to use our Finpose plugin to fully handle your WooCommerce business tax data.


Finpose is an accounting plugin for WooCommerce.

It comes with eight modules that cover all aspects of financial administration for a WooCommerce store.

The following is a list of modules.

  • Expense
  • Sales
  • Tax
  • Inventory
  • Vendors
  • Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Accounts

You can simply monitor and manage WooCommerce store tax data using the Finpose Tax module.

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Tax Payable, Receivable, Paid and Balance

Finpose maintains track of tax receivables from your purchases in addition to tax payables from sales.

You can also include the amount of tax you paid.

It can automatically calculate your tax balance for each month using all of this data.

It may have taken hours if you had done it manually.

Finpose makes it simple to get fast access to all of your tax information and have it calculated instantly.

Tax Reports

You can acquire a list of tax balances for each month in a given year using the reports page.

Export Tax Data

With a single button click, you may export all taxable transactions for handing over to your accountant or additional processing.

Detailed Tax Payable List

Different tax rates may be applied to different products in your store. For example, percent 18, percent 1, and so on. Finpose provides you with tax rate-based breakdowns of all tax data.

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