Reporting plugin for WooCommerce

Finpose enables WooCommerce store owners to access valuable financial data and reports.

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Financial metrics must be monitored by all businesses in order to make better decisions.It also applies to firms that use WooCommerce.

Advanced reporting plugins are a store owner's best friend when it comes to making their ecommerce operation lucrative and increasing sales.

WooCommerce comes with a sophisticated reporting feature by default, which allows store owners to access precise information about their sales, tax, and fulfillment statistics.

Store owners can go farther and make more data available to themselves by installing a reporting plugin.

profit plugin for WooCommerce

Extended Reporting for WooCommerce using Finpose

Finpose is an accounting plugin for WooCommerce.

It comes with eight modules that cover all aspects of financial administration for a WooCommerce store.

The following is a list of modules.

  • Expense
  • Sales
  • Tax
  • Inventory
  • Vendors
  • Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Accounts

Finpose improves WooCommerce's reporting capabilities and gives you more information about your store's financial health.

Each module includes its own reporting as well as dashboard data that is easily accessible. A list of financial reporting parts in Finpose has been compiled below.

Profit Loss Report

Finpose's automatically created PL report presents a financial snapshot of a WooCommerce store. Over the course of months, a store owner can track changes in sales, expenses, taxes, and profits. It's really helpful for financial forecasting and making smarter decisions.

All are provided on plugin dashboard, so store owners can track daily changes and act accordingly.

Advanced Dashboard

Valuable insights that is hard to find in any other tool, such as

  • Spendings per order
  • Average order value
  • Average days for order
  • Top spending categories
  • Sales by payment method
  • Sales by location
  • Best selling items

Tax Reports

Finpose also calculates the tax balance for each month and displays it in a calendar-style table. An online store owner can save hours on tax calculations by doing so. It also generates a thorough tax breakdown for various tax rates.

Account Reports

To process transactions, almost every WooCommerce store employs multiple payment gateways. A store owner can add every account (bank account, credit card, payment gateway) and get a summary of transactions for each account on the Finpose accounts page. It can then be reconciled by comparing it to each account's statements.

Vendor Reports

Store owners may easily track vendor balances and generate a vendor report with the Vendors module. Vendor balances are also calculated automatically by the Vendors module. As a result, it helps in the discovery of payable balances and the subsequent financial planning.