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Take control of WooCommerce inventory. Manage stock, and fulfill customer requests with Finpose inventory plugin for WooCommerce

Stock Value
Cost of Goods
Profit Margins
Projected Runout
Inventory Report
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Using Finpose Inventory Management Plugin
You WooCommerce Store Will Have
Woocommerce cost of goods sold

Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)

Finpose inventory lets you add unit costs to your products and keep a track of the cost of goods sold. Variable products are also supported.

total stock value

Stock Value

Product and store level stock value automatically calculated and presented in seconds. Real time saver for stores who need to calculate the value of their stock for tax purposes or other requirements.

Runout date

Projected Runout Dates

Knowing when a product will be out of stock can save a business from having to scramble to find replacement inventory. Finpose helps businesses predict the future and stay ahead of the curve by providing accurate projected runout dates.

Profit Margins

Gross profit margins are automatically calculated for each product based on unit cost and sales price for the product.

Stock report

Inventory Report

Easy and cost-effective way to track your inventory and manage your stock levels. Finpose’s inventory tracking software helps you keep a close eye on your stock levels, so you know when to reorder.

Best Stock Management Solution WooCommerce
Seamless inventory management right inside WordPress dashboard. No 3rd party integrations.
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WooCommerce Inventory Stock Management Plugin

WooCommerce Inventory management using Finpose

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More Than an Inventory Plugin

Finpose is an accounting plugin for WooCommerce.
It allows store owners monitor finances and provides insights for better decision making.

Lifetime license, one time-fee. 6 months of support included.

Accounting Plugin for WooCommerce

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