Expense plugin for WooCommerce

Finpose Expense module enables WooCommerce store owners to keep a record of store expenses in addition to providing detailed reports on it.

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If you run a WooCommerce store, keeping track of your spending is critical to your ecommerce business's success.

Expenses are a necessary component of running an online store, just like they are in any other business. While an online company is still in its early stages, employing sheets to record and manage expenses may be simple.

However, when the business expands and the number of expenses rises, the store owner will require expense software to keep track of them.

Expense software can provide precise insights and reporting on expenses in addition to the ability to handle an increasing quantity of them.

Store owners may track wasteful expenditure and decrease losses this way. Expense software can readily pay the initial cost and, more importantly, it can be a successful long-term investment.

In this case, WooCommerce store owners have 2 types of expense software options

  • Expense plugins
  • Expense software integrated with WooCommerce

In this article, we'll go over our accounting plugin Finpose and show you how it can make managing store spending a breeze.


Finpose is an accounting plugin for WooCommerce.

It comes with eight modules that cover all aspects of financial administration for a WooCommerce store.

The following is a list of modules.

  • Expense
  • Sales
  • Tax
  • Inventory
  • Vendors
  • Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Accounts

It allows WooCommerce store owners to simply access, add, and monitor their expenses from their WordPress dashboard. It also gives you a lot of information about your expenditures.

WooCommerce Expense Management Made Simple

Finpose's user-friendly interface enables store owners to swiftly enter expense data. You can organize your expenses by date, amount, and category.

You can also enter a tax receivable amount for your expenses, which will appear in the Finpose tax module's tax calculations.

expense plugin for WooCommerce

Compare Monthly Changes

The date filters on the Spendings page allow you to select any timeframe for a list of spending and totals. You can examine variations in expenses over time and review the spending items that account for the difference this way.

You can also study the P/L report on the reports page to review spending changes month by month, in addition to preset durations.

Attach Documents to Expenses

Documents can also be added to your expenses. Invoices or a photo of a receipt, for example. You can also access relevant documents anytime you need them this way.

WooCommerce expense categories

Custom Expense Categories

To help you get started quickly, Finpose features pre-defined spending categories. It also allows you to build custom expense categories, allowing you to add/remove categories that are unique to your company.

If you run a dropshipping business, for example, you can establish a custom category for ‘Vendors' and add all connected spendings to it.

Export Expense Data

You may choose to send your expense data to your accountant or process it further. In these situations, you can export all of your spending data with a single click of a button.

Expense Reporting

Your spending summary is presented on your dashboard using Finpose. It includes overall spending and top spending categories for the specified time period. For each month of the year, all spending totals are tallied and reported on the P/L report.

Available with Lite Version

The Finpose Lite Version includes the Spendings module. It means you may download it and start using it right away using the link below. You can upgrade to the pro edition of Finpose later if you want extra capabilities like inventory management, vendor management, and so on.

Download Lite Version