Tax Plugin for WooCommerce

Tax Plugin for WooCommerce

When it comes to taxes, you might have a hard time of making a list of taxes collected, especially when different tax rates are applied depending on product types.

We designed Finpose taxes page in a way, that you can get a list of taxes collected for any month you choose and see totals automatically calculated. For the most usage purposes it is most simple tax reporting plugin you can find in market.

Tax Receivable Table

Display Store Taxes on Demand

Finpose taxes page tracks not only your sales tax, but also your tax receivables from your spendings. This enables you to get a full tax report, instead only your sales tax.

If you want to keep an external copy, you can easily copy and paste displayed reports into Excel sheets.

You can also save any tax payments you made to keep a record of it.

A great feature of Finpose taxes page is, it automatically calculates your yearly tax balance derived from all your sales taxes, shipping taxes, taxes paid and your tax receivables. Monitoring your yearly tax balance you will know how much you need to pay in terms of taxes.

Sales Tax Reports

All sales taxes you collected through store sales will be reflected in taxes payable table.

You can check item by item every tax recorded for your store and detect any wrong information with a line item. It might be tax rate or calculation was wrong, now you can find and fix easily.

Shipping Taxes

Shipping taxes you collected are also recorded in tax payable table. You can monitor every shipping tax line item and detect any wrong information easily.

Tax Totals & Yearly Tax Balance

Tax tables automatically calculate your tax totals, so you get tax totals for each month.

Calculated tax totals also provides yearly tax balance information, where you can track your taxes account in general.

Taxes Overview - Finpose