Reporting Plugin for WooCommerce

Advanced Reporting for WooCommerce

In order to have a successful online store running, you need to have a clear picture of financial metrics. Finpose provides you reports that built on demand and you can access quickly right in your WordPress dashboard.

Using our advanced reporting pages, you will be able to cut unnecesary costs and get better ideas to increase your sales.

Our advanced reporting consists of time reporting and product reporting.

Time Reporting

For a chosen year, time reporting gives you monthly distribution of your store costs, expenses, acquisition spendings, taxes and sales.

You can easily compare changes month to month for each and see how they effected sales in total.

Time reporting also gives you additional info, such as your store Average Order Value, profit loss and total number of products sold for each month.

Product Reporting

If you want to track your sales and costs for a specific product, our product reporting page will give you detailed numbers for each product in your WooCommerce store.

For the month you choose, you can easily compare all products financial data on a single page.

Our advanced product reporting will give you total costs, sales, shipping, tax information for every product, in addition to special metrics such as number of items sold, profit of sales and your ROI for each product.

You can easily determine best and worst performing products in your store, using product reporting page.

Tax reports

Any store owner would like to know how much sales tax they owe and how much tax payable they have for their spendings. Finpose taxes page provides you automated tax reporting for your store.

Tax data of all your sales are automatically retrieved from WooCommerce, so you don’t need to enter them one by one.

Over taxes page you can easily get tax totals for a specific month for both tax payable and tax receivable. You can also record your taxes paid and display yearly tax balance for your store.

Sales reports

Store sales reporting are provided over our Time reports and Product reports. You can easily get sales totals for any time period over our reporting pages.

Our reporting pages provide you calculated total sales / gross sales numbers for entire year you choose.

Cost reports

You can track cost of goods and every spending you made for your products, over costs page. Over costs page you can filter your costs by month and category to see get total costs. You can filter inventory costs for example and get stock totals for your store.

Payment method reports

One of the most important benefits Finpose provides abiltiy for store owners to track their sales by payment methods.

Over accounts page you can get sales totals by each payment method, in addition to the spendings (!Yes) you made with that payment method. Therefore, you are able to track payment method (account) balances over time.

You can also simulate transfers between accounts so account totals reflects real balance in those accounts.

You can define unlimited custom accounts, in addition to payment methods (accounts) you use in your WooCommerce store.

Accounting reports for WooCommerce

With all features provided, Finpose is your simple accounting / financial tracking solution you can access within your WordPress dashboard.

In order to install Finpose, you need to have following requirements.
WooCommerce 3.0 or later
WordPress 4.0 or later

You can simply download our plugin using link below and upload to your themes folder using FTP or WordPress Admin interface.

For detailed installation instructions you can check our plugin documentation page.