Financial tracking for WooCommerce

Today, we’re officially announcing the release of our financial tracking solution for WooCommerce store owners: Finpose

What is the catch?

We aim to help store owners to have better insights on all monetary actions regarding their store operation. Best part to this we want to provide this help right within WordPress dashboard. This would work in a way that store owners can track their financials while managing their store over WooCommerce plugin. All financials are a single click away. They don’t need to leave their dashboard or deal with 3rd party integration hassles.

How it would help store owners?

For a successful store operation, every store owner needs to know and control financials. A good financial management is vital for long term success. We develop Finpose in a way that it would help store owners to

  • Find and cut unnecessary costs
  • Track returns on their spendings
  • Find combinations that may maximize sales
  • Compare changes over time and see overall direction of the operation

What is included in initial release?

Our initial release includes tracking for

  • Costs
  • Expenses
  • Acquisition Spendings
  • Taxes
  • Time reporting
  • Product reporting
  • Accounts tracking

You may find detailed information on these features on our homepage.

We are also open for any feature requests, that would help your business, you can send us over contact page.

Getting Started

You can purchase and download Finpose over Codecanyon and follow installation instructions to get started.

For any questions you may contact us over contact page.

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