A store operation consists of spendings along with revenue. Although WooCommerce provides a great dashboard and features to track revenue, when it comes to spending part of the picture is missing for store management.

For the store owners, current options to track their spending associated with their store operation is to use a data sheet or an external bookkeeping software.

For both cases, spending data is separated from the revenue, which would be needed together in order to measure store financial performance. (Such as profit margins)

In this case, we would need these data together, on the same platform. Luckily there are some WooCommerce accounting plugins out there, providing expense management feature and Finpose is one of them.

Save and monitor store spendings
Expense Management Plugin for WooCommerce

Manage Expenses on WordPress Dashboard

Monitoring spendings are important as much as revenue tracking. Finpose provide you all the tools required for tracking your store spendings in every details. Let’s have a closer look.


All spendings are categorized in 2 levels. First level is by their type

  • Costs
  • Expenses
  • Acquisition

And second level is their sub category. Finpose comes with default sub categories such as Inventory, Customs, Shipping, but store owners can also add their own custom spending categories.

Timeframe selectors

Store owners can filter their spendings by any time frame they select and compare spendings data with previous.

Any spendings from history can easily be found using timeframe selectors.

File attachments

File attachments can be added to spendings, so you can keep a copy and print out anytime needed.

Export Expenses

All expenses can be filtered and export to CSV on a single button click. After transferring to a datasheet you can do more with the data (such as creating Charts) or keep an archive of them.

WooCommerce Expense Plugin

If you’d like to keep a closer eye on your WooCommerce store finances, Finpose is an accounting plugin with Expense Tracking feature included.

To get information about more features Finpose can provide for your store, you can check plugin demo and visit product page.

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