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Taxes page provides you a detailed list of all taxable transactions regarding your store operation, in addition to a summary and yearly balance information.

WooCommerce Tax Management
Tax Management for WooCommerce

Orders and Tax Payable

Tax information for all completed orders you made using your WooCommerce store are automatically reflected on Orders section. You can get a list of taxes payable and find tax total after all your completed sales for a specific month.

Spendings and Tax Receivable

Tax information for all spendings you made for a given month is listed on Spendings section. You can get a list of all actions eligible for a tax refund/deduction and find tax total after all your spendings for a specific month.

Taxes Paid

If you made tax payments within a specific month, you can save them on Taxes Paid section. You can simply click Add Tax Paid link and enter details in the form, then save. Taxes Paid will be deducted from your yearly tax balance.

Yearly Tax Balance

Your yearly tax balance is automatically calculated based on taxes payable, taxes receivable and taxes paid for a given year. If calculated amount is negative and green, it means you have tax receivable. If calculated amount is positive and red, it means you owe taxes needs to be paid.

Choosing Date for Taxes Reports

You can simply click Choose Date link and select desired Month / Year for tax reporting.

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