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To Add New Spending Category

Click Add new category link, below categories list next to spendings table.

To Remove Spending Category

Click cross icon next to category name you want to remove. A confirmation popup will appear to confirm category removal.

To Filter Spendings

You can filter costs based on Month, Year and Category.

For example you can get a list of all Inventory costs for September 2019.

To filter costs, you can select Month/Year on top right corner. After choosing timeframe, you can click also drilldown into categories by clicking category links next to the costs table.

To Add New Spending

To add new Cost records, you can click “Add Cost” button on top left corner. This will display form where you can enter cost details.

  • Name : You can enter any name that would specify the cost.
  • Category : You can choose category for the cost. Later you can filter out costs for categories chosen.
  • Paid With : You can choose payment instrument the cost was paid. This is useful for payment accounts tracking.
  • Date Paid : Date payment was made.
  • Amount : Amount of payment in store currency. If payment was made in different currency, you need to convert to store currency manually.
  • Tax Receivable : Amount of tax paid for the cost. Usually specified on your invoices. If your spending is not eligible for a tax refund/deduction you need to enter zero.
  • Items : You can choose if this cost was made for a specific item. If it’s related to entire store operation, you need to choose all items.
  • Notes : Any additional information about the cost.
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