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Accounts page is where you can track income and spendings for different financial instruments you own. It can be a bank account, credit card or a payment gateway installed in your WooCommerce store. Accounts page shows all money flows in and out for each accounts.


Transactions table provides log of every monetary action occured for a given month. By clicking a specific account on the left pane, you can get transactions for that specific account. Transactions log include every spending, sales and tax payments you made.

Transactions Log for WooCommerce

Custom Accounts

You can also define unlimited custom accounts. Custom accounts can be your bank accounts, credit cards or similar payment instruments.


If you made a real transfer between your accounts (such as money withdrawal) you can also add record to simulate it in your account reports. To simulate transfer between accounts

  • Click Transfer link
  • Choose Account From (where money is transferred from)
  • Choose Account To (where money is transferred to)
  • Save after adding amount, transfer date and notes.
Account Transfers
Account Transfers
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