WooCommerce Not Showing Tax? List of Possible Causes and Fixes

Taxes Disabled

Before everything you need to make sure you have taxes enabled in your WooCommerce settings. Especially if your store is a new installation. But even though your store is a dated one, there is a chance your settings may have been changed by another user or interfering software.

Prices Inclusive or Exclusive of Tax

If your prices includes your tax, then it’s normal that your taxes will not show up, as they are already included.In order to display taxes separate from your prices, you need to choose ‘Prices exclusive of tax’ on your WooCommerce tax settings page.

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Incomplete Tax Rate Configurations

You may have additional tax rates (e.g. Zero rate, Flexible rate) next to your standard tax rates. You need to make sure additional tax rate configurations are covering your location and items in cart. This way they would match a tax rate and calculated tax total would show up on checkout.

Tax location configurations

When ‘Calculate Tax Based on: Customer Shipping Address’ is selected on your tax settings page, you need to make sure you are testing your checkout from a location where a tax rule was set on the tax locations page.To verify if your problem with this item, you can place an asterisk (*) in city & state fields and test your checkout again. If tax is calculated and displayed after using an asterisk, then you can re-configure your tax location settings, covering all regions you want to include, in addition to your own geo location.

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Itemized Tax Totals

You also need to make sure ‘Itemized’ is selected for ‘Display Tax Totals’ option on your tax settings page.

Item is not Taxable

You should check for product settings and confirm ‘Taxable’ is selected for the option ‘Tax Status’

Store Settings

Base Location: Make sure you have set your shop's Base Location (under WooCommerce -> Settings -> General Options), since you are charging by that address.

Tax locations table is missing

For some WooCommerce installations woocommerce_tax_rate_locations table on database was missing. You can check your database table and verify the required table is installed. If not, you can try upgrading your WooCommerce version. Alternatively you can import the following SQL, which will create the required table for you.

CREATE TABLE wp_woocommerce_tax_rate_locations ( location_id bigint(20) NOT NULL, location_code varchar(255) NOT NULL, tax_rate_id bigint(20) NOT NULL, location_type varchar(40) NOT NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;

If your database prefix is different than ‘wp_’ you need to change the table name in the given code accordingly.

Theme Settings

Check your theme settings. If you can find anything related taxes, you should make sure with correct configuration. There is also chance of bug with theme you are using. If you are newly switched to your existing theme, you can also try with another WooCommerce theme. If this solves your issue, you can contact with theme developer to address issue with taxes not showing.

Plugin Conflicts

Sometimes other plugins integrated with WooCommerce may create conflicts. If you recently installed a new plugin and then tax calculations at checkout disappeared, you may try disabling newly added plugin and test your checkout again. If it solves the issue, you can contact plugin developer to address the issue with tax display on checkout.

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