The Ultimate Guide to Woocommerce Accounting Reports And Why You Need Them

Woocommerce accounting reports are a series of reports that provide deep insights into the performance of your online business. They are also an essential tool for reporting to tax authorities.The reports are generated by the accounting software and display important financial data in a clear and concise form. Some of these include customer invoices, sales, orders, inventory, expenses, product costs, taxes etc. They provide you with all the information that you need to run your business more efficiently!

Types of Accounting Reports

There are many different types of accounting reports that can be used to evaluate the performance of a company. These reports are generated by using software to process data from transactions in a company’s financial records.The most popular types of accounting reports are: balance sheet report, income statement report, cash flow report and profitability report.

  • The term

    balance sheet

    refers to a financial statement that reports a company's assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity at a specific point in time. [1]

  • The

    profit and loss statement

    is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses incurred during a specified period. [2]

  • Cash flow reports

    show the liquidity position of a company or business at a given point in time.

  • The

    financial statement

    is an overview of the company’s finances from the past year.

  • The

    General Ledger

    is a summary of all transactions that took place in that year.

  • A

    Trial Balance

    is a summary of all assets and liabilities at any given point in time excluding those which are not yet due for payment or receipt.

Accounting reports provide a lot of information about the status of your company. They show how much money has been generated and spent during a specific period, as well as any changes in financial position due to transactions such as sales or loans.Although accounting reports are quite helpful to provide information, they are time consuming and complex to produce. This is where accounting software comes into play. It helps small business owners to generate accurate and detailed reports with less

effort and time spent on data inputting. One such software is woocommerce accounting reports which is specifically designed for woocommerce users.Accounting software can be very useful considering it is used by more than 90% of businesses today and the majority of the time is used for accounting purposes.

Ways To Produce Professional-looking Woocommerce Accounting Reports Automatically?

WooCommerce Reports Page

WooCommerce Reports page provides detailed information on Sales, Customers, Tax and Stock data for selected timeframes. All information is presented on a chart, in addition to the csv export option.

woocommerce reports page

WooCommerce Accounting Plugins & Software

When you are running a WooCommerce business, it is important that you have well-oiled accounting procedures. Fortunately, there are quite a few WooCommerce accounting plugins which can give you the reporting capabilities that you need to monitor your business well. These plugins can also extend the functionality of your setup by adding features such as expense tracking, vendors management and inventory management.WooCommerce accounting plugins are powerful tools designed to help store owners manage their finances. Most of these plugins also provide accounting reports for their users. The reports can be downloaded, printed, or exported in PDF format.

What are the Benefits of Using Accounting Reports Software?

As a business owner, accounting software is one of the most important tools you’ll use. With proper and accurate reporting, you can make better decisions and improve your business.In addition to that, an accounting software can automatically generate all financial reports in seconds, which could have taken your valuable hours if generated manually.Good accounting reports are important for the growth of your business. They show you data about your company’s financial transactions, help you plan for the future, and help you answer questions from investors, banks or other companies.

Finpose: Automated Accounting Reports for WooCommerce Owners

Finpose is an accounting plugin for WooCommerce. It enables WooCommerce store owners to manage their financial data right from Wordpress dashboard. Using data from it’s several modules, such as inventory, spendings, orders...etc. it automatically creates balance sheet and profit loss report for WooCommerce store owners.

Finpose Balance Sheet

Finpose balance sheet provides detailed data on assets and liablilites for your WooCommerce store. Current sales, tax, vendor balances, expense totals are automatically mapped into related fields in Balance sheet.

finpose balance sheet

Finpose Profit and Loss Report

A Profit and Loss (P&L) report is a financial statement that summarizes the income, expenditures and profits for a business over a period of time. Finpose P&L report contains all required data and generated automatically in seconds. It is an essential report to monitor and compare changes over months. It helps WooCommerce store owners to

  • Find out and cut unnecessary spendings

  • Keep a track of tax balance

  • Monitor store profitability

woocommerce profit loss




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