Stock Report for WooCommerce - Track Stock Levels, Costs, Margins, Status, Value

If your online company model is based on retaining an inventory of things rather than dropshipping, you'll need to check stock status for each item on a regular basis using the monitoring stock report.An inventory report is a list of all the products that are in stock. It is usually generated by using an inventory plugin/software. The report can be generated by date or category and it will show how many products are available, how many are on order, and how many have been sold.A stock report is important for woocommerce store owners because it provides them with an idea of the inventory they have and the new products they need to add. It also helps them with pricing their products and setting up discounts. A stock report can also help in identifying trends and patterns in the product's sales, which can then be used to make future business decisions.For WooCommerce business owners there are 3 different ways of getting stock reports. WooCommerce Reports Page Using a Stock/Inventory Plugin External Inventory Software Apart from these options, starter level stores can also create an Excel sheet to track and get a report of their inventory.

Stock Report on WooCommerce Reports Page

WooCommerce now has a Stock Report option on its reports page.You can check the stock status of your store items by visiting the WooCommerce > Reports page on your WordPress admin dashboard.

woocommerce stock report page

You may receive an overview of stock status based on the number of units and stock status columns in this section. The subpages 'Low on Stock,' 'Out of Stock,' and 'Most Stocked' are useful for locating relevant items based on their stock status. When you need more advanced stock reporting, you'll need to use a stock report plugin or third-party software to keep track of inventories and generate stock reports. In the latter situation, external software should ideally be WooCommerce-integrated.

Finpose Inventory: Advanced Stock Reports for WooCommerce

There are various stock reporting plugins on the market that can help your store manage its inventory and generate detailed stock reports.Finpose, a WooCommerce accounting plugin that includes an inventory module in its Pro version, is one of them.Using Finpose inventory, store owners can

  • Add unit costs

  • Keep track of the Cost of Goods Sold

  • Track WooCommerce Inventory (In Stock / Sold) at the Item Level

  • Automate Inventory flow based on first-in first-out (FIFO) model

  • Monitor average cost and gross profit margins for each product

  • Monitor changes in unit cost by time

finpose inventory

Last but not least, store owners can also get a detailed report of their stock.Store owners can simply visit Finpose > Inventory tab to display

  • Stock level for each product

  • Gross profit margins for each product

  • Average cost for each product

  • Total stock value for each product and the store

  • Projected runout dates for each product

When it comes to inventory, two things every store owner wants to avoid

  • Stock more items than needed

  • Running low on stock or missing sales due to no stock

Finpose inventory's projected runout date is an useful feature in this case. It estimates the runout date based on the number of items sold and the sales time frame for a certain product. Planning ahead and making stock arrangements in advance might be beneficial.Finally, business owners can use the stock editor, which displays information about each unit of inventory. Their purchase date, number of days in inventory, date sold, average cost, and sale price. All of this information is available in Finpose Stock Editor for store owners who wish to keep track of their WooCommerce product inventories.


A stock report is an important document for any business owner. It can be used to track inventory, calculate costs, and spot trends in the market. The information in a stock report helps companies make decisions about what to order next and how much to order of each item. If your WooCommerce business rely on inventory model and scaling up, you’d need more advanced tools for stock reporting. Your stock report should provide detailed information on your inventory as much as possible.

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