Accounting Plugin for WooCommerce

What is an accounting plugin and why do you need one?

If you are running an online store, you are required to deal with every kinds of monetary actions. Including payments, taxes, shipping, spendings…etc. With increasing number of actions, it might become hard to keep a track of what is happening or if things are in right direction.

Therefore, as your store progress forward, you would surely need an accounting solution to have a good idea about your store operation.

Best way to handle bookkeeping in WooCommerce

From our point of view, this really depends on size of your store operations. If your store is newly launched, you can start bookkeeping with just an excel sheet. Now as a secondary option, you can also use our accounting plugin for WooCommerce, which has all required accounting tools for newly launched stores.

Finpose also includes advanced features such as time reporting, product reporting and accounts tracking.

When you grow to enterprise level, you may also consider changing to a dedicated accounting software.

Accounting system for your WooCommerce

Finpose provides features for accounting needs of your WooCommerce operation. Using Finpose, you can track your costs, expenses and acquisition spendings. In addition to this you are able to get an overview of store taxes.

Accounting for WooCommerce
Track all your spendings and income for your WooCommerce store, using Finpose

Is Finpose accounting software best for me?

If your store operation is at small or medium size, then Finpose is the best accounting solution for your needs, you can find in the market. If you have a more complex operation, you may consider using a dedicated accounting software, instead an accounting plugin.

What can I track using Finpose accounting?

Using Finpose you are able to track and get reports of your costs, expenses, taxes, shipping, sales and your accounts. In addition to these you are also able to uncover some special metrics, such as your ROI or AOV. Some features mentioned here are special for Pro plan users.

Can I track my spendings under different accounts?

Yes, for every spending you will record, you are able to choose which account it was paid from. So you can later filter them based on accounts and reach to account totals for given month.

Can I track spendings specific to products?

Yes, you can associate every spending with a product, so later you know how much money you spent for a specific product. This would be very useful when comparing your spendings with your income for a certain product, which is automatically provided by our product reporting.
Sales tax tracking with Finpose

Is Finpose good for tax accounting?

Finpose is integrated with WooCommerce, so it automatically retrieves tax data for all sales you made and reflects them on taxes page. For spendings you made, you are also able to record tax receivable data.

Our plugin taxes page gives you monthly taxes payable/receivable report, where you can also record your taxes paid. After all automatic calculation, you are also able to know your yearly tax balance.

Is support provided?

Yes, all plugin users can easily reach us over contact page easily.

How can I install accounting plugin on my WordPress site?

In order to install Finpose, you need to have following requirements.
WooCommerce 3.0 or later
WordPress 4.0 or later

You can simply download our plugin using link below and upload to your themes folder using FTP or WordPress Admin interface.

For detailed installation instructions you can check our plugin documentation.